Event Detail

Event Title: 1st Day
Event Author: Carolyn Fracalanza
Event Start Date: Tuesday, September 5 8:30 AM
Event End Date: Tuesday, September 5 3:30 PM
Event Description:

What is 1st Day?

1st Day is a fast-paced, faculty-driven orientation day which provides students the opportunity to meet with faculty, share with classmates, and learn more about their program and the services that are offered at Lambton. This year, 1st Day will run on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.  Regularly scheduled classes will start on Wednesday, September 6, 2017.

Who: 1st year students (see agendas for participating programs) (either Morning OR Afternoon)

Start time: Program agendas with your specific information are now available: Program Rooms and Agendas

Location: Lambton College - Each program will be assigned a 1st Day classroom/location (Please check your program agenda for specific locations. Some programs are not on main campus. Signs indicating room numbers will also be posted at the main entrance.)

Parking: Free for students on 1st Day

Please note: Returning students and regular classes begin Wednesday, September 6, 2017. During 1st Day Orientations, do not follow normal class schedules - please refer to your program-specific agenda.

Contact information for 1st Day:

Please email us at firstday@lambtoncollege.ca or call 519-542-7751 ext. 3026

Event Location: See Program Agenda
Contact Information: firstday@lambtoncollege.ca