Computer Applications for Business

Computer Applications for Business is a course delivered using both practical hands-on applications in the classroom and online skills assessment tools designed to introduce students to word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and desktop publishing applications. Students explore a variety of functions available using Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint 2016 to create and edit a variety of business documents, to navigate and format documents, create tables and a multipage report, enhance page layout and design as well as work with templates, themes, and styles. Also, students create and modify a presentation, add media and special effects. A variety of essential Windows operating components such as, File Explorer are also studied. Students also explore a variety of functions available using Microsoft Office Excel 2016 to format workbook text and data, calculate data with formulas and functions, analyze and chart financial data, work with tables, pivot tables, and pivot charts as well as work with advanced functions. Basic desktop publishing skills using Microsoft Publisher 2016 to create a flyer and brochure is also reviewed.