Discover Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Many entrepreneurs use their business to find personal fulfillment(creatively, spiritually, and emotionally) and create social change. These entrepreneurs are characteristically different as they start businesses to aid in their personal growth or create social change. They are driven by the need to realize their full potential, make a difference and constantly learn and evolve. Students will apply entrepreneurial concepts such as forms of business organization and the changing environment in an interactive simulation to create a lemonade stand empire. Through this simulated approach students explore their own defining entrepreneurial traits and express their creativity by developing a new venture plan outline. No classes, no textbook, self-paced. The course is entirely within the app. You will need an iPad2 or greater and WiFi access to participate in this course. Please note there is a non-refundable charge of $75 to take this course. Please note: Registration for this course remains open until the posted withdrawal date. However, regardless of when a student registers, all assessments must be completed and submitted by the final day of the "Assessment week for most post-secondary programs" on the calendar of Academic Dates & Deadlines. For the complete calendar of Academic Dates & Deadlines, including the withdrawal date and the final day of assessment week, please refer to